Bams Board - £25

Pure cheese...

Perfect for entertaining small groups of up to 4 people. 

Presented in trays that will fit straight into your fridge giving you one less thing to worry about when serving this exquisite cheese to your guests. 

Isle of Mull  |  Scotland  |  Cheddar  |  Cow  |  Unpasteurised 
Pale ivory in colour, with a sharp fruity tang, all thanks to the unusual diet of the cows that eat the fermented grain from the nearby Tobermory Whisky Distillery.

Prima Donna Maturo  |  Holland  |  Hard  |  Cow  |  Pasteurised
Bam Boss’s favourite cheese. A Dutch Gouda, characterised by its sweet taste and formation of crystals within.

Cashel Blue  |  Irish  |  Blue  |  Cow  |  Pasteurised
Mildly blue-veined, this slighty acidic blue cheese will melt in your mouth. One of the best for an introduction into the Blue Cheese World, this cheese is still handmade on the same 200 acre farm in Co. Tipperary.

Brie de Meaux  | French  |  Soft  |  Cow  |  Unpasteurised
The most famous of all Bries, this soft cheese will seduce your taste buds with a buttery and earthy taste of perfection. 

Ragstone  |  England  |  Goat  |  Soft  |  Unpasteurised
A perfect addition to crackers, Ragstone has a creamy texture with savoury, lactic flavours. Very easy on the palette.

Manchego  |  Spain |  Sheep  |  Hard |  Unpasteurised
With a buttery-tasting silky texture, this ivory coloured hard cheese is one of Spains most famous. Fantastic with a bit of Quince Jelly.

 All weights are approximately 100g.