Bams Discovery Box - £40

Love cheese at the next level...

So you know your basics, but you want to delve more into the cheese world...

Our Bams Discovery Box has been perfectly formed using smaller bits of cheese to allow you to try a number of different cheeses. With the Discovery Box, you don't have to worry about buying too much of a new chesse that you might not like, but for those you find you love, you know where we are to top up!

Once your order has been received, one of the Bams Team will be in touch to discuss collection.

Box Contents

|  Isle of Mull  |  Scotland  |  Cheddar  |  Cow  |  Unpasteurised  |
Pale ivory in colour, with a sharp fruity tang, all thanks to the unusual diet of the cows that eat the fermented grain from the nearby Tobermory Whisky Distillery.

|  Auld Reekie  | Scotland  |  Cheddar  |  Cow  |  Unpasteurised  |
Developed with a to combine the flavours and textures of traditional cheese wit a delicate wood and whiskey finish. This is smoked using traditional methos over whisky soaked oak shavings. 

|  Finn  |  England  |  Soft-Medium |  Cow  |  Unpasteurised  |
With a lemony flavour and smooth texture, Finn is the only tripple cream cheese made in England. It contains aromas of butter, nuts and salt. 
|  Mozzarella di Bufala  |  Italy  |  Soft  |  Buffalo  |  
A southern Italian delecacy, this cheese is made from the milk of the domestic Italian water buffalo. Perfect with sliced tomatoes and basil, taste the difference in quality compared to its cow's milk counterpart. 

|  Landana Rosso  |  Holland  | Goat  | Medium-Firm  |  Pasteurised  |
Its like having two cheese in one. The first burst of flavours can be compared to Ossau Iraty, sweet and mild. The aftertaste is similar to that of Prima Donna, fruity. Another Dutch wonder!  

|  Manchego  |  Spain |  Sheep  |  Hard |  Unpasteurised  |
With a buttery-tasting silky texture, this ivory coloured hard cheese is one of Spains most famous. Fantastic with a bit of Quince Jelly. 

|  Prima Donna Maturo  |  Holland  |  Cow  |  Hard  |  Pasteurised  |
Bam Boss’s favourite cheese. A Dutch Gouda, characterised by its sweet taste and formation of crystals within.

|  Tomme de Savoie  |  France  |  Cow  |  Medium-Firm  |  Unpasteurised  |
A semi-soft pressed cheese, ivory in colour and varies in taste depending on whether the milk is coming from cows eating winter hay or fresh summer grass. 
|  Blue Stilton  |  England  |  Cow  |  Blue  |  Pasteurised  |
Made with a vegetarian rennet, this is often the entry cheese into the blue world. It is semi-soft and crumbly in texture, accompanied by its infamous strong smell.

|  Gorgonzola Dolce  |  Italy  |  Cow  | Blue  |  Pasteurised  |
Thought to be the world's first blue cheese, its origin is steeped in Italian folklore and legend. Sweeter than its Piccante sibling, Gorgonzola Dolce is relatively mild in flavour and extremely creamy.


|  Salt Pig Sea Salt  |  Various Flavours  |  16-20g Test Tube  |  Dunbar  |

|  Kettle Chips  |  Lightly Salted or  Sweet Chilli |  40g  |  Norwich  |

|  Fife Jam Co Chutney  |  Rich & Spicy Tomato  |  270g  |  Fife  |

|  Your Piece Baking Co |  Handmade Oatcakes  |  150g  |  Fife  |

|  Edinburgh Preserves  |  Chicken Liver, Duck, Venison, Farmhouse or Wild Boar Paté  |  180g  |  Fenton Barns  |


|  Fior Fruit Merchants  |  Blackcurrent Pressé, Elderflower Pressé or Natural Ginger Beer  |  330ml  |  Fife  |


All weights are approximately 50g.